Jean Russell

15207_10151427931339069_397188853_nThe son of an English professional pianist, Jean has grown up in France and lived in England, Australia and Arkansas, where he has picked up a taste for New Orleans jazz as well as bluegrass. With the collectif La Compagnie les Romanouchis, he has toured France extensively from 2002 until 2008 and played with Roma musicians, learning the ropes of Hungarian Czardas and Romanian horas on the double bass and also as a singer. With Les Poissons Voyageurs he has toured most of Europe and New Caledonia, learning folkloric music from the local musicians and playing their show, Zakoustics, in more than 16 countries. Jean’s double bass playing technique is heavily influenced by both gypsie and New Orleans slapping technique, and he’s been known to sing a song or two as well.
He now plays for the Collectif Tcha-badjo with Canadians Damien Levasseur and Charles Fréchette.